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New company, new image – with REVOLTAGE, Dominik and Nino (both formerly BangJuice) are bringing the vape scene with a great concept out of its slumber – which has already lasted two years.

So it‘s the perfect time to grab them both for an exclusive interview before the big release and get a few more details about the mysterious new brand.


Cloud Chaser: With BangJuice you turned the German e-cigarette scene upside down. What happened after you left two years ago and what have you been up to in the meantime?

Dominik & Nino: It is well known that you should always go when it is „most beautiful“. That‘s what we did back then... We were at the peak of success, but it didn‘t feel right anymore. The industry had changed a lot over the years and as entrepreneurs we had to make a decision. Rationally continue the well-running company or give in to the longing for a completely new beginning. We chose the latter.

What made you finally go through with the project?

Of course, over the months we have always kept an eye on the industry. The resentment grew day by day. Nobody brought an innovation, in the end it was all about economic success in the industry. Back then, it was actually about finally getting away from the cigarette and recommending the topic of harm reduction to other people, to change their lives in the same way that the e-cigarette changed our lives at the time.

Fuck the turnover, all the customers who came to our shop and thanked us afterwards made us happier than

the daily turnover. The commercialization just really pissed us off and we couldn‘t let that get away with it. Of course, a business has to be profitable, but if it‘s all about maximizing profits, we think it‘s the wrong way.

Because let‘s be honest: Life is about constantly developing, whether in business or privately, exploring new unknown areas and taking a risk. The best stories don‘t happen in the comfort zone. That was actually always our guiding principle. We wanted to stand behind something with heart and blood and needed a new challenge.

In the last few months we have freed ourselves from everything and looked at everything from a different perspective. Why, did we even found a company in the e-cigarette sector? What are we missing in the industry? What do we love about the industry? What made us happy and how were we able to give something back to other people?

After more than a year, a few bottles of Riesling and one or the other dry hit, we were ready. The concept for our new project was in place... But there was also one question that still had to be answered: Do we have the balls to make this exactly as we imagine?

„The commercialization really pissed us off and we couldn‘t let that get away with it. Of course, a business has to be profitable, but if it‘s all about maximizing profits, we think it‘s the wrong way to go"

How did the name come about?

Revolution + Voltage = Revoltage

The cornerstone was the desire for a radical change, which is reflected in our brand name and our complete concept. We want to provoke, digitize and bring something new and different to the market - to initiate a tense revolt. Our revolution is built on Ethereum. We not only want to push harm reduction but also bring people closer to the possibilities of blockchain technology, which has also changed our lives and freedom for the better over the years.

Everything is still top secret, but you can tell us a little bit...

What can we expect with Revoltage?

We can tell you what not to expect. Common flavors, bad marketing and unimaginative. Two years of boredom

in the industry will soon come to an end.

Where do the ideas/inspirations for the new products/ concept come from?

Our main drive comes from never being satisfied and the urge to always deliver better. However, the most important thing has always been the customer‘s shopping experience. If our customer spends money, he should hold something special in his hand. A product that is better, triggers emotions and gives pleasure. We want to create a product that we celebrate ourselves. So the most important ingredient is passion...the second most important ingredient is not losing faith in your own creativity and belief in your vision.

What is particularly important to you in the new brand and what makes you special?

It was super important for us to develop a brand that captivates customers and allows them to grow into a family. Everyone is welcome... except employees of tobacco companies... quit your job, we may not pay better but here you have more fun, be cooler and stand for something. Greetings go out ;)

What sets us apart is our thorough concept. Everything is perfectly planned and designed from start to can see that, for example, in our logo, which stands for several things. The reference to the resistance through the common Ohm logo or the Anarchy logo that were combined. Alpha Omega, the end and the beginning referring to our new business concept that will be presented soon.

How much of yourself and your preferences is in Revoltage?

A glass container of wine bottles at least. In the whole development we spent hours to bring the product especially the taste to such a high level as never before. We wouldn‘t launch a product that we don‘t identify with. Revoltage is the best thing we‘ve ever done.

The release of your new products will soon take place at HOV, are you already very excited and what are

your hopes?

We expect nothing, but hope everything! We would be happy if a few colleagues from the industry realized that they had slept a little in the last two years and were resting on their laurels. Competition stimulates business ;)

Speaking of HOV, what are you most looking forward to (besides your new baby)?

We look forward to our old customers and business partners. Laugh together, have a drink and talk about the old days and the future. You can find us at the HOV at stand E38...and of course we look forward to feedback on our new ideas.



25. JUNI / JUNE 25




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