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How do you sum up great marketing, extraordinary visuals, unique design and incomparably intense taste in one word? The solution? Totally simple and obvious - REVOLTAGE!

After the brilliant brand release at the Hall of Vape in Stuttgart in 2022 there is just only the way up for the guys around Dominik Burda and Nino Albers in the vape business.

Due to a complete arsenal of new ideas, entrepreneurial experience in the scene, unbridled creativity, a strong appetite for something new and extreme displeasure with the current behavior and some products in the liquid and vape industry - both decided to build a new, unprecedented liquid brand from the ground up. New, different, cheeky and with a healthy dose of self-confidence - the concept for Revoltage (a mix of revolution and voltage) was born.

Shock, wake up and show how it can and should work. Especially in the time of the pandemic - but unfortunately even before that - many companies rested on their names or the bestselling products for years. When it comes to creativity and the hunger for new ideas, they were very sluggish, to put it mildly, and had become too sure of their cause and “customers”.

Of course, you can‘t paint all companies with a broad brush - because, as the saying goes, „exceptions prove the rule“ and continuity and stability are not necessarily a bad thing. Of course there are favorite liquids and brands that have been regular guests in our devices for years and whose sudden loss would be really tragic, but that‘s not the point here.

Rather, it was about brands that were either not (anymore) concerned with vaping itself and the real main thing, namely getting people to stop smoking, but instead swam along with the mainstream wave without their own creativity or the necessary drive and sold mass-produced China goods with their own „unique“ design. And all that just because they smelled quick money. The other group were die-hard brands with undoubtedly flawless, great and high-quality products, but which seemed to give up due to the ongoing pandemic and political debates and simply no longer delivered any new ideas or products.

It was precisely these brands that Revolte ruthlessly woke from their „sleeping beauty mode“ last year and showed them in a charmingly rebellious way how it can and should work.

the first to Revoltage flavors „Blue Cherry“ and „Yellow Raspberry“

With a concept that was thought out down to the smallest detail, ultra-modern design, excellent marketing and, surprisingly, only two flavors - divided into an equally manageable product range - they started in 2022 at the Hall of Vape fair and hit the branche like a bomb. The rush to the relatively small, manageable stand was huge and within a very short time it mutated into one of the most visited places at the fair.

What many skeptics and competitors initially thought was just a short hype quickly became - excuse the comparison - a truly Revoltage pandemic, but here in an extremely positive sense. No wonder, because not only the marketing, design and quality of the brand are absolutely consistent, the products also convince with their unique, rich, new and absolutely addictive taste. So it‘s not remarkable that the guys were sold out after a short time and couldn‘t keep up with the production and delivery.

But anyone who now thinks that this onslaught is only due to human hunger for something new is greatly mistaken. Since the brand was released more than a year ago, enthusiasm and demand have grown many times over, the products are (rightly) regularly sold out. The rush is sometimes so big that vape shops sometimes have long waiting lists for new orders, because incoming products are usually sold out again within a few days.

The product range currently includes a wide variety of product categories such as classic aromas (15 ml aroma in the 75 ml chubby bottle), ready-to-vape 10 ml e-liquids that have already been mixed with nicotine in various strengths (0 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg), disposables which are also available in different nicotine strengths (0 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg) and have an approximate lifespan (depending on puff and vapor behavior) of approx. 600 puffs and - BRAND NEW - the Revoltage Beam Dual Pod System with rechargeable battery and flexibly exchangeable pods, either pre-filled with Revoltage e-Liquid or empty to fill with your favorite flavor.

The selection of different flavors is deliberately kept small at Revoltage and the range currently includes just six unique varieties.

the first range of products – aromas, disposables and ready-to-vape e-liquids with nicotine


In an electrifying metamorphosis, the power of ripe cherries was transformed into a revolutionary blue flavor and charged with a mild coolness. The energy of the juicy performance shocks your receptor circuitry. A high voltage work for your palate.


The tender pulp of this juicy raspberry was frequented with high-voltage current in order to specifically rearrange the molecular chains responsible for the taste and make them flash bright yellow. The converted raspberry flavor with a slightly swinging coolness in the finish electrifies your taste buds while vaping.


In an electrifying photosynthesis, each berry is grown in a Faraday cage on a free electric field, fed only Tiffany blue lightning, until harvest. The resulting even turquoise marbling of the juicy flesh is a wet dream come true for real steamer gourmets.


The energetic black flashes of a tropical cyclone have intensified the ripening process of this mango. The flesh of this ampere-soaked fruit is not only irresistibly delicious, but at 100,000 lumens it also glows so intensely that your taste buds will drool with anticipation when you spot this revolutionary mango in the dark jungle.


An electrostatic attraction stimulates your synapses, prompting you to approach the brightly lit sphere. Enveloped in veils of plasma, you recognize a white melon and know intuitively to touch it. Dense mist of the finest fructose crystals rises. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and, bedded in clouds, you are whisked away to the paradise of your lustful taste buds.


Matured amidst an energetic jungle, Red Pineapple promises sweet and juicy high excitement for your taste buds. A tropical whirlwind of flavors haunted by high currents, Red Pineapple unleashes an electrifying sensation that will set your receptors vibrating in ecstasy.

Each of these varieties is unique in itself, has been thought through down to the smallest detail, the raw materials are carefully selected and the mixtures are planned, developed and extensively tested well in advance. Only varieties that meet the high demands in terms of taste, appearance, shelf life, enjoyment and quality make it into the range in the long term. The motto here is not „a lot helps a lot“ but definitely „class instead of mass“.

Conclusion: In short, the Revoltage universe is just fun, whether it’s the first-class products, the modern design or the rebellious, cheeky manner that you can meet with a wink – you follow and use Revolage with pleasure, always dying to see what kind of mega idea the boys will come up with next. So don‘t hesitate any longer and join the Revoltage gang!



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